who are we ?

About us

Muhtarf platform is sports platform that brings together all athletes in various fields of physical and electronic sports and allows them with the opportunity to communicate and highlight their talents to various sports organizations from academies, sports clubs and electronic sports clubs.

Our Services

We provide in Muhtarf platform the easiest way for every athlete to search for the appropriate sports organization for him through the list or through the organization closest to his geographical location. Also, sports organizations can search for players, coaches, administrators, or intermediaries for players by searching for them through the list or in the geographically appropriate location for them.

Our Vision

Facilitate the access and visibility of athletes and talents to appropriate organizations.

Our Mission

Create sporting community that brings together those interested in all fields of sport.

Our Goals

·       Highlight talented people and bring them to the appropriate organizations.

·       Paving the path of professionalism for every athlete.

·       Improving the concept of other physical sport and electronic sports in the Kingdom.

·       Supporting the realization of the Kingdom's vision 2030 in raising the level of sports and athletes in the Kingdom.